What matters most is today | by Natalie Licini

We took the kids to the cemetery today to visit my father in law and his twin brother. We named our four year old daughter after my father in law. He passed away just over a year before she was born.  He was one of the best men i knew. He valued family over everything else in life. He would tell us time and time again that the only thing that mattered was family.  Its something i think about often.

And later that afternoon we went to the mall. The kids went on the carrousel which they love and took a photo with the Easter bunny.  Luc absolutely loved the Easter bunny.

I kept looking at our three kids.

All three.

Heavy heart.

Unwinding before bedtime we sat in the backyard with Luc on a sheet because he does not
like grass.  Poor thing, just does not like the feel.  I guess I don’t blame him.  Its so sweet watching our girls adjust his blanket so that he’s comfortable. They dote on him so much. I wonder how long this will last hehe.



Its amazing how different these kids are. My girls are total opposites.
And Luc has so much energy. He started walking at 10 months.

As a working mother im always thinking about building a better tomorrow for my kids. Not
realizing that it’s today that matters the most.

But i realize it now.

I think life is going to be very different for me now. So grateful for my little ones…


Life is precious | by Natalie Licini

I had the scare of my life last week. My daughter Andrea, just four years old, was running for the ice cream man and fell in an area that she should not have been and had a life threatening injury.

I got the call at work and was stuck in rush hour traffic and I tried to get to the ER. Hearing my own mother on the phone crying hysterically when she is normally so calm made my heart EXPLODE out of my chest. WHAT IS WRONG, WHAT HAPPENED? No one knew at that moment. The horrible thoughts racing through my mind and overwhelming worry as I drove slowly in traffic to Staten Island to await the news, see my daughter and family. Tears streaming down my cheeks, I called my brother. He stayed on the phone with me telling me everything will be okay. But I could hear it in his voice. He was just as scared as I was.

And just so you know, Andrea was okay. She is okay. It’s a miracle.

But when I arrived in the ER, there were so many people around her. She had a neck brace and arm brace on. I heard my mother say to her “Mommy’s here Andrea”

I raced to my daughter on the gurney, leaned over her because she couldn’t move. Upon seeing my face she SMILED and whispered

And a tear rolled down her cheek.

…and then a tear rolled down mine. I tried to be strong. I was a wreck.

CT scan of the head and neck revealed a fractured skull. They had to watch her closely for 24 hours. I did not leave her side and neither did my husband. We slept on chairs overnight getting 1 hour sleep here and there constantly staring at her with our heart in our throat dying inside praying she’d be okay. The fall was so terrible and scary.

After 3 days in the ICU she was released and they say she’ll be okay. Fractured skulls take 1-3 months to heal. She’s healing slowly, but I’m not. I’m a wreck.

I want to buy her a helmet. I want all my kids to wear helmets when leaving the house, even just for a walk. But I know that’s not realistic.

People say kids are resilient. But all I see is how precious life is.

This was one of those moments in life that forever change you.

I’m so grateful she’s okay. My baby… my big girl. I just want to watch her grow.


NYC boudoir photo studio | Testimonial for Je Revele

I’m not sure how many people reading this post have had a boudoir session in the NYC area, but I have.  It’s such an exciting and liberating experience.  A bit nerve wrecking too.  It’s also a core requirement for the entire Je Revele team as well.  Jess, Kristin and Charity have all been photographed in the last 18 months by me.  I wish I could share photos but they’re under lock and key.  hehe

Jenna F boudoir testimonial for Je Revele a NYC boudoir photography studio.

In 2013 we photographed over 135 fabulous women for boudoir and glamour sessions at the castle in Highland Park, NJ and on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.   Our lovely client Jenna was looking to setup a boudoir session in New Jersey last year.  When she called us, we were so excited to meet her.  Jessica photographed Jenna last Summer and boy did I wish I did too.  Michelle styled her on the day and looked absolutely breathtaking.

We created an album for Jenna and when she picked up her products she was so thrilled I asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing her experience on video.


With photography studios located on the Upper West Side in NYC and in a historic NJ Castle, Je Revele’s award winning team of artists look for the subtleties and stories that others may not often see.

We listen with our eyes to the many ways epic beauty is expressed.   www.jerevele.com
212.787.2175 or 732.964.3773

Basic Photography Course | Je Revele


Je Revele Fine Art Photography is offering a Basic Photography course this Summer at the Castle beginning July 8, 2014 for 6 weeks.

Do you love photography?

Would you like to take your pictures to the next level?  

Learn how to shoot in manual mode and transform your family photos to artful pictures that you will cherish!  Kristin and I have been taking pictures all our life.  And they weren’t always at the quality level you see today.  Join us on either Tuesday or Thursday this Summer for a fun filled basic photography course.  Details below…

The Art of Photography

Je Revele at the Castle in NJ

Tuesday: July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5 & 12 at 10am

Thursday: July 10, 17, 24, 31, August 7 & 14 at 10am



Natalie Licini; natalie@jerevele.com

Kristin McCandless; kristin@jerevele.com

Course Description

This FUN hands-on photography course shall provide students with a greater appreciation for and understanding of the artistic potential in digital photography.  The course held at the Je Revele Castle in Highland Park, NJ is designed to familiarize students with the technical aspects and controls of a manual camera. Emphasis in this class is on the development of the students’ self-expression.  This is a very casual course encouraging students to learn at all levels.  You do not need to have any basic knowledge prior to joining this class.  This Summer, Kristin and I will encourage students to explore all types of photography; including, but not limited to portraits, still life, landscapes, macro photography, photojournalism, etc.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will gain a basic understanding of the history of photography
  • Students will understand and demonstrate the basic controls of a 35mm camera.
  • Students will learn the basic qualities of light for use with photography both available light and flash.
  • Students will explore photography as a expressive art form.
  • Students will create images that illustrate their understanding of composition, design and light.
  • Students will develop a vocabulary that will enable them to offer constructive criticism to their peer’s work.
  • Students will be using their new camera skills and techniques to generate beautiful portraits, landscapes and much more!

These objectives will be obtained through lectures, demonstrations, class critiques, provided reading, and hands-on operation of equipment.


There will be weekly shooting assignments handed out in class and due the following week.

Dates and Details:

This six-week course will be held on Tuesday or Thursday at 10am:

Topic      Tuesday Thursday
Camera Basics 7/8 7/10
Understanding Exposure, aperture, depth of field and lenses 7/15 7/17
Understanding Shutter Speeds: Fast, slow: freezing action, panning 7/22 7/24
The Art of Storytelling 7/29 7/31
Composition, light and color, using Photoshop 8/5 8/7
Taking beautiful family portraits 8/12 8/14



We are offering 3 or 6 class packages since the weekly sessions build upon basic knowledge.  The first three classes focus on basic photography knowledge and classes four through six are more intermediate and require using your camera in manual mode.

Three classes: $125+ tax

Six classes are:  $200+ tax

TO SIGN UP: We have limited space in each class.  Please click select one of two options and enter “1″ and click buy now.

3 Courses: $125

6 courses: $200

Upon receiving your email receipt, kindly email Natalie@jerevele.com with your preference for Tuesday or Thursday at 10:00am.  NOTE: There are no additional fees or charges at all.

Recommended equipment: Digital or Film DSLR camera (any brand).

If you’re interested in renting a camera for the 6 week course we highly recommend renting here (note: this is not necessary to attend the course):


Conference call:  To prepare for our summer course, we are holding a conference call late Spring to answer any question you may have for our program.  The date/time will be announced.

IMPORTANT: Kindly note, all course fees are non-refundable.  Due to the size of our classes, if you miss a class (due to sickness, travel, etc) you will receive a credit for our 2015 summer workshop.

We hope you can join us.

Natalie & Kristin

Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

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International Award Winning Photographer

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Destination Boudoir | Je Revele Fine Art Photography

Destination boudoir photography sessions are the latest craze hitting NYC.    At Je Revele, it’s no secret that we make it our priority to ensure that our client’s feel welcomed, pampered and beautiful.  Every sip of champagne, nibble of delicate pastries, and words shared between our staff and clients is a moment of pleasure.

We have clients flying from California or Florida, or traveling a bit closer from Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  And yet where ever you travel from – a day with us is hopefully one you will never forget.  Whether it’s beauty, boudoir, fashion or a simply stunning portrait, everyone is made to look and feel beautiful.

In this liberating, full or half day experience, you’ll start the day with couture hair and makeup, (champagne and laughter flowing endlessly), followed by a photo session with Natalie or a member of the Je Revele team. Then, choose to end this day of fun and pampering with a 5-star dinner party here at The Castle or in Manhattan at some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Planning a destination retreat for friends or bachelorette boudoir experience – a day with us is a fusion between spa, club and photo shoot.  You can celebrate your friendship and beauty with a Je Revele Boudoir Portrait Party. It’s a day of fun-filled pampering and fashion, where you can relax and liberate your inner goddesses, together! At our Castle studio, you’ll be treated like royalty…a place where the laughter flows as freely as the champagne.

Why escape anywhere else when you can really feel a world away? We offer clients and their guests custom boudoir party experiences, which may include a combination of the following amenities…

- boudoir and couture photo session

- lunch

- champagne and hors d’oeurves

- designer wardrobe rentals optional

- chauffeur transportation  optional

- Broadway tickets optional

- private chef/in-castle dining experience  optional

So, just imagine…you’ve arranged a weekend trip to New York City.  You’d start your day strolling through Central Park and admiring the famed skyline, which frames the lush trees of the park. After a delightful lunch in Little Italy, shopping in Soho you and a few friends head to our studio, located on the Upper West Side or our castle studio just 40 minutes away.  Cascading ribbons of sunlight stagger through the architecture of the building. You’d be pampered and styled as only a model could be.   After a glamorous photo shoot, you slip into a fantastic outfit and spend the rest of your evening enjoying some of NYC’s delicious cuisine; concluding the night with a Broadway show.  It is guaranteed to be one of the most fabulous weekends you will ever experience.  Take our word for it.

So much of what we do at Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studios goes beyond photography. So much of who we are reflects who YOU are.  As artist, we look for the subtleties and stories that others may not often see. We listen with our eyes to the many ways epic beauty is expressed. 

Why not give us a call today? Let us help you plan the most amazing session you’ll ever experience.  You deserve it.




Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery


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International Award Winning Photographer

PPA Photographer of the year 2012 


VISIT US at our NEW location in Manhattan on the Upper West Side!




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