25 Random Things about ME

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25 Random Things about Natalie Licini

1. I really dislike talking on the telephone (I’d rather EVERYONE text me). I’m going to teach my 2yr old and 8 month old to text next week.
2. I went to 6 colleges and finally graduated from the 4th one I attended in 2000.
3. Every time I look down, its 9:11am or 9:11pm (except now of course). That drives me nuts…
4. I jumped on that annoying baby name wagon, giving my 2yr old an unpronounceable name. I hope she forgives me someday.  My 8 month old will also have trouble with her name in the future.
5. I’m the funniest person on earth and probably the only person who thinks that.
6. I had like 27 jobs before the age of 19. Seriously!
7. I’ve been in love so many times and it happens constantly. I just have a big heart. Sometimes I fall in love with people, who are just genuinely nice.
8. I sit in front of a computer approximately 16 hours a day depending on my commute into Manhattan.
9. “I’m the Mary, you’re the Rhoda” (you know who you are).
10. Favorite joke: Why can’t a bicycle stand on its own? Because…. its two-tired.
11. There are a few things I knew too much about in my life — I might just be clairvoyant.
12. I enjoy writing things which make absolutely no sense at all to anyone (or me).
13. I hate the number 13… it just disturbs me. I think no one should have to work on the 13th floor.
14. I’ve started several businesses and will continue to do so. I launched a family site called Chaata located on the web at www.chaata.com which helps support our community in Staten Island (with long term goals to help every major US city).
15. I love to travel! I mean I love to travel so much that booking a trip for someone ELSE gets me excited and the adrenaline starts to rush through me.
16. I’d really love to adopt a few children in the future, preferably siblings.
17. Every one of my closest friends are not friends and have NO similar personality traits. Strange, huh…
18. I was a man in my last life.
19. I play the guitar. So badly, that someone should hide it from me.
20. I want to go back to school to get my PhD after I have like 2/3 more kids.
21. I’m a car snob, seriously! If there was such a thing as Car-Snobs Anonymous, I would have to go. If someone cuts me off, I instantly look at their car and turn my nose up. lol
22. I know every lyric to Biz Markie’s song “just a friend”
23. I was a rock star in my 20’s (this has nothing to do with number 19.)
24. Favorite quote: “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~Emily Bronte
NUMBER 25: I love helping people so much that I think about it even when I’m trying to think of other things. 
Go Steelers!!!
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