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Head shot fundraiser to support breast cancer

Head shot fundraiser to support breast cancer! It’s Sunday morning in New York. And I’m laying in bed at 7:00am thinking about my day. And then I think…. “Gosh, life is precious. Life is short.” We wake up one day and our kids are suddenly grown. 2016 has been a hard year for a few […]

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Pietro’s Fight | Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Pietro’s Fight | Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy — Look at this handsome boy.  This is Pietro Scarso, just 2.5 years old. What a bright light.  I mean just look at this FACE.  You are probably smiling back at this child, right?   His adorable brother Nico is beside him.  They’re 15 months apart. These boys are inseparable. Pietro is […]

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Photo Credit: Chris Scaglione. This image was captured on a street corner in Tottenville, Staten Island as my husband helped a victim recover items from his home. His wife’s picture was among these “found” images in the woods. In the hours before Sandy hit, deep dark clouds filled the skies wide. Heavy, howling winds brushed […]

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Hurricane Sandy Staten Island

The devastating hurricane that hit my hometown on October 29th shut down Staten Island.  Half of our community of 400,000 people lost power.  Schools were closed for the entire week.  The stock exchange was closed for 2 days which was the first time since 1888. I was born and raised on Staten Island.  I live […]

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Hurricane Sandy: Staten Island gets aid from all over the photography world

It has been one of the most devastating weeks in the history of Staten Island.  The NYC area, Long Island, the New Jersey Shore were hit hard as Sandy ravaged our communities. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to my fellow photographers who sent us notes, text messages and left vmails to see if we were […]

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