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Last month I announced our new Renaissance Sessions.

They were a huge success!

Many of my clients say to me “My kids are so high energy, I don’t think they’ll sit or smile for you.”

I don’t always want to photograph my clients smiling, looking in camera.  I want to capture the relationship between the siblings or between mother and child, father and child.  It’s so special.

I spend so much time with my clients before and during our sessions.  I skip with the kids down to the park, sit on the ground and play with them… I sing to them.  And for those who know me, you would pay me millions NOT to sing, but boy to children enjoy it.  We have a blast on the day of the shoot and the children feel at ease with me within minutes.   Gaining your trust, allows me to capture moments of profound connection between your family.

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Brothers grow up together and have memories that will last a lifetime.  Their strength and bond is like a fortress.  They dream about life and know they can count on each other forever.

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Our renaissance sessions are great for families… especially for siblings.  What child doesn’t love a good fairytale? Our Limited Edition Renaissance portrait sessions are a dream come true, with an enchanting experience you and your child will remember.  This session is the perfect way to welcome this warm weather. Set in tranquil Snug Harbor, Historic Richmondtown, or even New Jersey this session evokes a blissful memory that you can cherish for years to come.

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There’s a special bond between sisters, than only sisters can attest to. I hear it all the time from my cousins and my friends.  They take care of one another, stick up for one another and can relate to each other in a way, we don’t always understand.  I’ve been told that having a sister makes your whole world complete.

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There is no feeling more comforting than having your best friend beside you for life.

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I love taking family photos in Staten Island.  Join us this Spring and let us write the pages of your families life story.

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Family photos in Staten Island pin it button

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