Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding?

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding? pin it button

I’ve heard so many people talk about having their cousin or friend photograph their wedding because they have a great camera. Professional photographers come in all shapes and sizes and experience levels, but there are GREAT risks with hiring a non-professional.   Having a great camera doesn’t translate into great pictures that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. It translates into a cost savings that leads to heartache when precious memories are lost forever.

This article was prompted when I heard a story last week about a bride whose cousin photographed her wedding. Non-professional wedding photographers rarely have back up equipment or resources to find a replacement in the event they have an emergency on the day of YOUR wedding.  As you can imagine, this story does not have a happy ending.  Early in the day, the cousins camera stopped working.  That was it. Total PANIC set in and no one had a fast solution.  There were very few images captured during the ceremony.  There were no photographs taken during the reception or family portraits.  This was a disaster that could have been averted with proper backup equipment, which all pros carry.

There are so many variables professionals are experienced to handle with ease.  What happens if it rains on your wedding day? What if the church prohibits flash photography? Can your cousin photograph in manual and does he have a tripod if necessary?  Professionals are quick on their feet to find the best light and respond to a variety of lighting and weather conditions.  We often have excellent people skills which comes in handy photographing formals getting 25 people posed beautifully, smiling at the same time.  Professional photographers not only deliver on the day of the wedding, but they leave you with tears of joy when you see your wedding photos.  Professional photographers have passion and drive to produce the best photos on your wedding day.  We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver images that are of epic proportions.  I took this image below at Saturday’s wedding.  This photograph was not a snap shot easily obtainable by a non-professional “with a good camera”.  This photo didn’t come out of the camera looking like this.  It’s a combination of skill, artistic vision and fabulous processing skills seldom seen outside of the professional world.  Ask yourself: how would you take this photo? how would you politely ask all the people at the park to leave? Since this was taken from 200 feet away, how would you pose the bride and groom from such a distance without calling a chiropractor?  It pays in dividends to hire a professional.

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I know many of us have parents or grandparents that are great cooks. Would we have them cook on our wedding day? Many of us would yell YES.  But could they serve 200 guest meals at the proper temperature at the same time?  I guess if they had good pots and pans and a fabulous oven it would increase the chance of success.  Why risk it at all?

Guests often carry expensive cameras with them to weddings, which rarely bothers me.  On occasion, a guest may accidentally block my shot.  But I always politely ask them to move.  We’re all here for the bride and groom to enjoy THEIR wedding day. It’s a collaboration between vendors and guests to create memories that will last forever.

Thanks for reading and remember – hiring a professional photographer for your wedding is the best investment next to buying a quality diamond!


Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding? pin it button
jennifer - 08/23/2011 - 8:07 am

Bravo Natalie!!! So true. It amazes me when people spend tooons of money on their wedding and then cheap out on photography. At the end of the day – and years later – the photography is the only thing you will still enjoy.

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