Jennifer Hudson workshop review in Sudbury, MA

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Along my journey to be the best photographer I could possibly be, I visited international award winning photographer Jennifer Hudson Kane in Boston.  Jennifer is very unique in her style, her craft and her outlook on life. I absolutely love how she incorporates old printing techniques into her work.  And as my friend beautifully stated… Every year the trunk of a tree grows thicker. They don’t just grow up; they grow in the form of rings.

With this workshop… my tree has added a new ring.

Arriving over the weekend, our workshop began with a discussion of the many influences in Jenn’s life. The many stars in her sky. It was interesting to see the influences in her life. Just as I’ve been influenced by artists and fellow photographers, I was curious to see Jennifer’s journey unfold before my eyes. It’s important to clarify that this workshop felt like a retreat and was very special from start to finish. During the first day we all shared lunch and got to know each other. Later in the day, we saw firsthand the “Tank Shoot” to see how Jenn creates some of her amazing award winning images. The interesting part about Jenn is how many handmade components there are in her shoots between the handmade couture gowns and crowns which adorned her beautiful subjects head. She personally applied makeup on her subjects and did their hair. Talk about creating a handmade piece of art in the purest sense.

Jenn Hudson authentic and handmade!

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Later that evening Jenn and Josh hosted dinner. It’s rare that all meals are included and our group really appreciated their thoughtfulness and generosity. Spending time getting to know other photographers during dinner was amazing and hosting dinner and lunch allowed our group to stay together and get to know each other. Everyone had a blast! Between singing and laughing, I could have eaten 5 desserts and not gained a pound. People joined the workshop from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia…all around!

Day two was an art class where we made a mixed media collage incorporating our own prints. We made transfers and I made my first Vandyke print using darkroom printing techniques I had never previously experienced. Vandyke prints have a lot of character, are simply beautiful and unique. This process really got my wheels spinning.  Just when I thought I had grown to a point that I was excited about, I grew even more. I look at things differently. I’m able to see portraits in a new way with greater ability to put my personal touch and add handmade elements to give my portraits even more character than ever. I’m not sure I would have grown in this way, without experiencing this workshop with Jenn. Maybe in ten years, but who wants to wait that long when your growth can grow exponentially attending one of Jenn’s workshops.

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The talented Jenn posed and set up this beautiful portrait above.  With her direction, I applied editing techniques so that this was a true Jenn Hudson inspired portrait.

After lunch we had a cinema session in the woods. It was such a great experience to see Jenn pose and direct her subjects. There’s a tenderness and frailty in her techniques that I absolutely love. Our day concluded with dinner where we shared some of the corniest jokes and made a very special memory together “in the night”. After dessert we all spent the evening bonding in the hospitality room at the historic Wayside Inn which opened in 1716. It’s known to be one of the oldest inns in the country. I was lucky enough to stay in room 10 just across from room 9 widely known to be haunted by Jerusha Howe. It’s important to note that the gracious staff at the Wayside Inn made everyone feel right at home.   Breakfast included eggs benedict over lobster and was DEE-LICIOUS!  The service rivaled the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. No request was impossible and they made everyone feel special. I can’t wait to return in the future.

The extraordinary breakfast served at the fabulous Wayside Inn, MA

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On our very last day, we reviewed some of Jenn’s finishing techniques. The workshop went full circle reviewing some of her digital antique processes. I can’t possibly express my gratitude to Jenn for sharing so much of herself with us. Her husband Josh is absolutely wonderful and they complement each other so well. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness as they embark on this new journey together.

Meeting photographers with the shared passion for fine art photography has forever changed my life. Thank you Jenn.

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