“Mommy and me” pet photos

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Mommy and me photos are very special.  They can mean different things to different people.  These photos of Tory and her beautiful fur baby are something she cherishes.  Serina was 13 when she passed away.   When we found out her puppy was sick, we planned a special mommy and me portrait and a family portrait.

After our shoot, I asked Tory a little bit about Serina.

“Serina and our dog Rory used to play together often, although Serina was never a super active dog. Never liked being outside too much.   She hates water of any kind. Baths, rain, the hose. Its typical of the breed though. But if I was in the bathroom and didn’t allow her in, she’d ram her head on the door until I let her in.

She didn’t mind snow.  Although Bill always cleared the patio and a small area for her so she didnt need to step in too much snow.  Serina would always find the little patch he left.. we always joked that she loved to make yellow snow.”

“Mommy and me” pet photos portrait

“…Serina actually ate the arm of the couch when my parents and I went on vacation and left her home with Bill’s sister watching her. I think she was a year and a half at that time.

Before I left for my long road trip years ago.. I was really sick. I got some kind of nasty bug. We almost had to cancel the trip it was so bad. Serina wouldn’t leave my side.. not to go out, to eat. Mom actually had to physically force her to go. That was in Dec 03.

She’s always slept with me in my bed, but she had other favorite spots. During the winter she’d sleep in front of the radiator in the living room, she also used it to itch her back.

When the couch was in front of the window when she was younger, she’d sleep on the back of the couch.. and if she fell deeply asleep she’d actually roll off the back.”

Tory is an animal activist with a huge heart.  She has so many pets I can’t keep count.  They are so blessed to have a home like Tory’s.  After Serina passed away Tory started Serina’s Delights.  Serina’s Delights serves up some tasty treats for pets and their pet parents.  Completely dedicated to making people smile, one truffle at a time she makes great home made goods for people and their pets without any harsh preservatives.  Serina’s Delight’s can be found on facebook:HERE

“Mommy and me” pet photos portrait

I have an adorable 6 year old puppy.  He’s my best friend.  He sleeps with me and rests his head on my head. I love having a shadow.

“Mommy and me” pet photos portrait

Our fur babies are so special to us.  Pet photography is HUGE in Manhattan and other large cities and it’s gaining interest out here in the boroughs.  Call me to setup an appointment for a very special furry family portrait.


Email: natalie@natalielicini.com

Phone: 917-886-5666

“Mommy and me” pet photos pin it button

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