Natalie Licini Photography: 2011 Grand Announcement

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For the last 30 days and nights, Natalie Licini Photography has gone dark. It’s finally time to turn on the light.  The journey these last few years has presented amazing opportunities and challenges that have led me and my business to a level of growth I only imagined in my dreams.

After much anticipation and planning, I’m thrilled to announce that Natalie Licini Photography is heading steadfastly in a new and exciting direction.  We’re going out with the new and in with the old. Yes, you read that correctly!  You may be curious to know what it means to be “out with the new” and “in with the old.”

Out with the new means going beyond the influence that today’s modern technological advancements imposed upon us.  Look around your home.  With the convenience of digital photography most of us save our photos in places we rarely see them. What will your children and grandchildren say when they discover your photos in 35 years burned on dvd but cannot see them due to poor preservation and advances in technology?  Fewer photos are printed these days and as hard drives fail, we mourn the loss of the memories we’ve captured over the years.

In with the old, as the great masters know, means that looking back toward history can be the best way to discover what works today.  In evaluating where my passion lies as a photographer and re-envisioning my role in this industry, I discovered a new way to celebrate old portraiture.  That passion led me to re-envision, re-create, and re-launch Natalie Licini Photography with these very beliefs:

“We believe in friendships, and family… forging bonds and reminiscing about the good ole days.   We believe in supporting each other and always extending a hand.  We believe in laughing until we cry and crying until we laugh.

Wherever you’re going, we’ll be there.  And maybe we’ll make a picture.”

Natalie Licini
Natalie Licini Photography
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With that in mind, I very proudly introduce…

A Family Story: Documentary Portraiture

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CHAPTER 1: Our family story…

When a portrait takes my breath away I find myself imagining when it was taken and where.  I want to meet the people in the picture.  Who were they?  What was their life like?  Where are they now?  I’m fascinated by portraits from times gone by and I love the notion of family heirlooms that are cherished from one generation to the next.  A Family Story is your family’s story documented over time and brought to life in a way that lasts forever.

At Natalie Licini Photography, our passion lies in capturing the gloriously fleeting moments you want to hold onto forever.  We put a beautifully modern spin on traditional painted portraiture. As master artisans we transform our stunning photographs into fine art heirlooms that you and your family will endlessly treasure.

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Additionally, we can breath even more life and beauty into your existing family photos in ways you might never have imagined. We’re able to combine photos of generations old and new so that any vision you have for your family portrait is truly possible.

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We will travel with you to destinations near and far to capture moments that are truly special. The magic continues as each individual piece becomes a finished work of art and makes its way into your home lasting for lifetimes to come.  Your heirlooms can be showcased throughout your home as mounted portraits and fine art albums, gifted to family members and passed on to future generations.

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CHAPTER 2: Your family story…

We are honored when clients invite us into their lives. It’s a privilege we deeply appreciate.  Every client is unique, but our goal is always the same. We want your experience to go above and beyond anything you’ve encountered before.  Our services include in-home hair and makeup as well as luxury car service to and from our destination for your portrait.

The relationship we build together is very special. From the moment you become a client, you become a friend and we collaborate to uncover what really matters most to you. We begin by identifying what people, events and memories you’d like to document. We create the settings and styles you envision and bring them to life.  Our shoots range from casual to formal, natural to planned. We document everything from special moments to the milestone occasions.

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Part of our passion lies in getting to know you, your family, your story. We dedicate ourselves to capturing the beauty and individuality that defines you.  With the freedom to personalize your story, the options are truly endless.

THE FINAL CHAPTER: The story lives on…

As your life continues and your story evolves, we’ll be there to capture it.  As families often do, yours will flourish and grow. We intend to grow with you, adding more chapters to your story with each passing year. We look forward to capturing the beauty in your family.

Life as we know it has just begun…

Contact Us:

For information on how to begin the first chapter in your family story, contact Natalie to arrange a consultation at (917) 886-5666 or

Natalie Licini Photography: 2011 Grand Announcement pin it button
Denise - 05/01/2011 - 11:25 pm

Great thoughts and concept!

Marissa Mortimer, CWEP - 05/02/2011 - 3:14 pm

The next level in photography! Amazing work and a pioneer in her field! Thank you Natalie! From us AND our clients!

Cara Carlson - 05/04/2011 - 12:21 pm

What a great concept and product launch! Great ideas! Oh and I love that album! You’ll have to let me know where you get them. 🙂

nancy crampton - 05/04/2011 - 4:49 pm

What a Beautiful and well planned idea!! Your Photographs and story gave me goosebumps,You and your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL !!!

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