Photography Course for Kids

Let’s plan something creative and educational this Fall for our children. If your child enjoys art, dancing, documenting moments or simply wants to explore a new creative outlet, this hands-on course will offer students a greater understanding of digital photography.  We will create photographic images that convey their own unique and artistic ideas.  The course will encourage students to explore all types of photography; including, portraits, still life, landscapes, photojournalism, architecture, etc.  Emphasis in this class is on the development of the students’ self-expression. 

12 week course taught by Natalie Licini, owner of Je Revele Fine Art Photography outdoors in Westfield, NJ. This course is offered for two groups ages 8-12 and ages 13-17. We have an optional indoor 17 foot by 24 foot space for inclement weather days, which will be sanitized multiple times each day. The indoor space is optional. Inclement days may be rescheduled.

Address: 800 Hillside Avenue, Westfield, NJ 07090.

COVID SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Classes are held with a maximum of 8 students per class. We practice social distancing and all students and myself wear face coverings. We will take students temperatures using a no touch thermometer start of each class. More safety precautions here:

What you’ll learn

Basic history and techniques of photography

How to take beautiful photos with any DSLR camera you have (rent or borrow).


One DSLR or mirrorless camera, battery and one lens. You can bring your own, borrow a camera or rent one.

Rental option 1: We have 3 sanitized cameras with one lens which students can rent directly from Natalie (this can be used on premises only). The rental fee for 12 total weeks is $395. Rented on a first come first serve basis.

Rental option 2: A camera can be rented for $300-350 for 12 weeks here:

If you don’t already own a lens, a lens can be rented for $300-350 for 12 weeks here:

Who this course is for:

  • Children with no prior photography experience
  • Anyone interested in learning the basics of photography and have fun doing so
  • Kids Ages 8-17+


$325 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.  Second payment of $325 due 10/15, final payment of $325 due 11/15. The 12 week workshop fee is $975 total. The deposit is non-refundable.

4 sessions to choose from:

Age 8-12 Tuesday 9/22 – 12/8 time to be announced

Age 13-17 Tuesday 9/22 – 12/8 time to be announced

Age 8-12 Friday Class 9/25 – 12/11 time to be announced

Age 13-17 Friday 9/25 – 12/11 time to be announced


12 Week Photography Course: 4 options
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Attendance and Participation

Feel free to email natalie for the syllabus and 12 week course outline at

Attendance and participation is essential to success.  Because of the nature of the curriculum, missing 1 or 2 class sessions could put a student behind.  If you are going to be absent please email Natalie asap so that you can get all the information missed and the assignment for that week.  Work assigned when a student is absent will still be due the following week. 

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(Photo taken of Natalie’s students)

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